What We Do

The Building Blocks of a Financial Plan
Comprehensive, personal financial planning denotes the process of determining how individuals can meet their life goals through proper management of their financial resources. We view our role in this process around five areas of focus:

Income & Expenses: This is the starting point of any financial plan. By understanding your income and expenses, we can work to optimize your cash flow, making sure you have adequate liquidity to meet ongoing cash needs and unforeseen events, while dedicating an appropriate amount to future growth. 

Investing can be confusing, frustrating, and even frightening, especially when the only objective is to “maximize returns.” We feel that “goals-based” investing leads to better results, because your investment strategy is based on reaching specific goals while protecting against specific risks. The time-tested strategies of asset allocation, diversification, and low expenses form the foundation of our approach to investing. By following a systematic process of asset allocation, we seek to maximize returns, at a risk level appropriate for your unique situation. Diversification allows us to reduce short-term portfolio volatility, and low expenses improve the chances of achieving long-term return goals.

Taxes are a fact of life, but no one wants to overpay them. By understanding your tax situation, we can make recommendations that may reduce your taxes over time. Also, we want your investments to be as tax-efficient as possible, which means more money remains invested and less is spent on taxes, thereby lowering your overall cost of investing.

Retirement Accounts:
Retirement accounts play a unique role in your financial plan and are governed by a complex set of laws and regulations. The goal is to make sure you are using the proper retirement accounts, contributing an appropriate amount, and, when the time comes, withdrawing funds in an optimal manner.

Risk Management and Estate Planning:
Disability, illness, and death all pose risks to the success of your financial plan. Insurance is the best way to manage these risks, and our job is to make sure you have the right amount of insurance in place, given your needs and goals. Eventually, you will want your assets to pass on to your heirs in the least complicated and least costly manner. Proper estate planning is the key to making this happen.

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