Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In Honor of Summer Vacation

As a parent with three school aged kids, I am fully vested in summer vacation.  In honor of that wonderful time with no teachers and no homework, I thought I'd make a quick post  More specifically, about how technology is beginning to radically change how we educate our children.  I just read this article in The Economist: E-ducationA long-overdue technological revolution is at last under way.  Here's a quote:
"The promise is of better teaching for millions of children at lower cost—but only if politicians and teachers embrace it.
Why is this time different? Largely because a number of big changes are coming at the same time: high-speed mobile networks, cheap tablet devices, the ability to process huge amounts of data cheaply, sophisticated online gaming and adaptive-learning software. 
Parents and taxpayers should stiffen the politicians’ spines. Education has proved stubbornly resistant to the improvements in productivity that technology has brought to other jobs. This wave of edtech promises to change that. Technology has supposedly been on the verge of transforming education for over a century. This time it looks as though it will."

I have written many times before about the importance of technology and innovation in economic growth, like here and here.  There is no question in my mind that the technological innovations taking place in education will significantly alter the economic landscape.


This blog will be on vacation for a few weeks, enjoy the nice weather!