Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is Scary

After a nice vacation on Cape Cod with our kids, we have returned to work a little more tan and a lot more rested. Fortunately, it was a slow news period while we were away. The stock market bounced around a bit, so what else is new. The economic news was mixed, again nothing to get excited over. Most of the news dealt with the death of Michael Jackson, which meant I didn't pay much attention to the news.

Since there isn't really any surprising economic news to comment on, I thought I'd link to a story that isn't related to economics or finance. This was in today's Wall Street Journal. Apparently the Texas Board of Education has moved on from debating how much religion should be taught in Biology (evolution vs. creation), to how much religion should be taught in History. Call me crazy, but shouldn't religion be taught in Church? (Disclosure: My kids do attend church school on Sundays.)