Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Earnings Jitters Hit Stocks

This post has nothing to do with the title.  I just love it when anyone uses the word "jitters" to explain why the stock market goes down.  I just picture the floor of the stock exchange, with all the brokers shaking uncontrollably.

This piece was in yesterdays Wall Street Journal. It's basically six veteran investment managers saying that we have seen bad times before, and it is the bad times that require patience and faith in human invention.  My favorite quote comes from Will Browne, a man I have never heard of, "We will in some fashion get through this. One of the lights at the end of the tunnel is no longer going to be another train coming at you, it is going to be daylight." I generally think successful business leaders are optimists.

The piece also features David Booth, who is the the CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors, a firm that we use extensively in our client investment portfolios.  I wouldn't say the writers captured anything especially interesting from Mr. Booth, but it's nice to see him included on the panel.

We put this video on our web site a few months ago.  Mr. Booth does a great job of providing a calm and reasoned perspective of how to behave during difficult economic environments.